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Better sleep, better life


A good night of sleep is fundamental

Up to 70 million
people in the USA suffer from one or more sleep disorders
$411 Billion
is the annual cost of lack of sleep in the USA
Source: Rand Corp
of the worldwide population suffer from sleep deprivation
+10 years
is the related testosterone level in sleep deprived men
more mortality risk for people who sleep less than 7 hours per night
+559 calories
is what a person eats the following day when having an 4-hour sleep instead of an 8-hour sleep
more risk of dementia at people that don't sleep enough

You can only improve what you can measure

Start with your sleep

Exclusive technology

The Persono Experience

Merely illustrative
Persono Sense

Persono Sense is a revolutionary and frictionless sensor capable of sleep tracking without data transfer during the night. Also, its battery lasts pillow’s lifespan.

Persono App

In our app you can easily see how long do you take to fall asleep, what time you fall asleep, how many times you wake up at night, your sleep routine and more. All this data is essential for the diagnosis and monitoring sleep disorders.

See how easy it is to use Persono's Technology

1. Download the app and sync your phone with the pillow using bluetooth

2. Have the best night of sleep with our comfortable pillow

3. The next morning, activate the Bluetooth to transfer your sleep data

4. Keep track of your sleeping routine to have more info

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